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The 10 Best Leather Perfumes

Best Leather Perfumes
Best Leather Perfumes

Looking for the best leather perfume? Cozy up with these fantastic leather fragrance options

Leather perfumes aren’t as mainstream as floral, fruity, and sweet scents, but that doesn’t make them any less appealing. In fact, not only are leather perfumes a great choice when the weather is getting frosty, but leather fragrances often have fantastic sillage, letting them linger on your skin much longer. 

While leather fragrances are geared toward both men and women, most are either unisex or marketed towards men. Given the rising trend of women wearing men’s fragrances though, leather perfumes hold equal appeal for both genders — especially when you want something heavier and richer during the fall and winter months. 

Here’s a look at 12 of the best leather perfumes on the shelf. 

1. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather 

Tuscan Leather is the best Tom Ford leather perfume, and arguably the best leather perfume on the market. In a bold combination, leather is complemented by suede, amber, and woody notes balanced by raspberry, saffron, thyme, and jasmine, creating a delicious leather fragrance. 

We should note that some think the scent smells like cocaine, including Drake who famously said “​​Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, smelling like Brick” So one thing’s for sure — if you’re looking for something to wear to an underground rave, this is it. 

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2. Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather

Honey comes through strongly in this leather scent perfume, which beautifully balances its leather center by giving it a gourmand twist. In fact, Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather is a cult favorite because of that exquisite balance, making it both sexy and warm. 

While it was created for men, it works wonderfully as a leather women perfume when you want to make a powerful impression. 

3. Demeter Leather Perfume

Like all of Demeter’s scents, their Leather perfume is simple, straightforward, and affordable. While you won’t find complex nuances here,  you can’t go wrong if you’re a die-hard leather scent lover. 

This alluring fragrance, given its price point, is a perfect stocking stuffer. The notes of leather are clean and simple, conjuring the feel of sinking into a big, cozy couch when you spritz it.

4. Carolina Herrera Platinum Leather Perfume

Carolina Herrera is the epitome of class and sophistication. Even though the designer no longer helms her eponymous brand, it’s still associated with ball gowns, wedding dresses, and black ties. In other words, Carolina Herrera isn’t a name that makes you think leather. Yet this leather scent is absolutely fantastic.

The leather notes balance with woody, musky, powdery, and earthy tones for a sweet and seductive scent that works year-round. This is one of the best leather perfumes for after-dark occasions. 

5. Acqua Di Parma Leather 

Intensely wintery notes like leather, guaiac wood, and cedar embrace spring and summer notes like raspberry, orange, lemon, rose, and honeysuckle for a leather scent perfume that works year-round and from day tonight. As with all Acqua Di Parma scents, Leather is complex and sophisticated — think equestrian, not BDSM.

6. Moroccan Leather Perfume By Memo 

If you’re looking for a leather fragrance with strong green notes and hints of floral, you’ll love Moroccan Leather by Memo. Galbanum, iris, and vetiver are strong in the opening, while leather, musk, and tonka bean shine as it settles on your skin. 

There are also strong notes of amber to complement the notes of leather, making this a cozy scent that feels like a nice hug on a cold night. There’s little surprise many in the fragrance industry consider this the best perfume for winter. 

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7. Montale Aoud Leather Perfume By Montale

Aoud Leather is a beautiful clean black leather scent with amazing longevity and sillage. This entry from Montale has a strong leather opening but dries down to a more refined and delicate finish. It nonetheless is more appropriate for the night than day. 

And it certainly isn’t something you’ll want to wear to the office given the strong nature of the scent. One of the best leather perfumes for when you need to be at your most daring.

8. Western Leather Perfume By Alexandre J

Given its name, it shouldn’t surprise you that Western Leather Perfume conjures up images of westerns, bikers, and cowboys. But it’s this fragrance by Alexandre J that is also not as aggressive as you might think. 

In fact, it has soft and delicate notes like amber, vanilla, and lavender to balance out the leather, making it as wonderful for men as it is for women. That said, it definitely works best as a leather winter perfume since most will find it too heavy for spring and summer use.


Aniise refrains from using alcohol, acids, parabens and other harmful ingredients that over time will dry and damage the skin by removing its outer layer, leaving it vulnerable to outside elements. They believe in no nonsense, no gimmick products that actually thicken the skin to prevent, protect and enhance the feel and look of it. The result is moisturized, smooth, supple and glowing skin. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, acid-free, made in the USA, and can be used by anyone at any age.


9. Demeter Russian Leather Perfume

When it comes to finding a leather fragrance that works for both men and women, Demeter’s Russian Leather is a lock. You’ll get notes of clean black leather, complemented by animalic and smokey notes for a luxurious leather smelling perfume. 

This smooth and cozy scent doesn’t last as long as some of the others on this list, but Russian Leather is easily the best leather perfume on a budget.

10. Rasasi Junoon Leather Perfume 

For those looking for a luxuriously packaged scent, Rasasi Junoon Leather is a leather women's perfume that fits the bill — but without a luxury price tag. 

While the brand is known by in-the-know fragrance aficionados, it’s not as mainstream as many other brands in this collection. So it’s a great option for someone seeking a fragrance that will help them stand out. 

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Why do I love the smell of leather?
The perfumes and chemicals used in leather tanneries ultimately give leather its unique scent. If smell is the most powerful sense associated with memory, it makes sense that a strong odor like leather would be captured in the human mind. We're not mad about it though.

Which is the harshest perfume?
Eau de Parfum (EDP) is the most grounded kind of fragrance we sell. Eau de Parfum contains 10-20% medicinal ointments and is a well known decision with both fragrance brands and purchasers. Eau de Parfum usually lasts about 8 hours. Eau de toilette (EDT) is next, containing about 5-15% essential oils.

What is the real smell of leather?
The smell of natural genuine leather is different from that of imitation leather. Fake leather smells like plastic or chemicals and real leather smells like animals, it has a distinct "leather" smell. Of course, even cheap leather can smell of chemicals if the processing isn't done properly.





Leather Perfumes
Leather Perfumes




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