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6 Best L’Artisan Parfumeur Perfumes of All Time

Anyone who knows anything about perfumes knows that L'Artisan Perfumoor has some of the best perfumes on the market.

But when a brand is so great and consistently great, knowing which fragrance to start with can be a challenge. Here is a list of the best L'Artisan Parfumeur perfumes for women and some insight on how they can be scented to help you decide!

L'Artisan Perfume What is perfume?

Before using the word "sexy" in the late 1980s, Jean Laporte created a fictional perfume for L'Artisan Perfumes. Thirty years later, L'Artisan Parfumeur is the benchmark many specialty brands can expect. 

This French brand strikes the perfect balance between wit and simplicity. L'Artisan Perfumes perfumes are known for their unmatched quality and efficiency. Well-known perfume makers such as Bertrand Dachauffeur, Jean-Claude Elena, and Olivia Giacobetti create many L'Artisan Parfumeur perfumes, which are perfumes and perfume bottles around the world.

1. Artisan Ointment Timbuktu

Considered one of the modern masterpieces and one of the most famous L'Artisan perfumes, Timbuktu was created in 2004 by master perfumer Bertrand Dakoffer, based on strong fragrances in West Africa and the traditional art of healing and love therapy. Area. 

The mysterious ingredient Timbuktu was the first perfume to use caro car and, a native West African flower that gives off an aromatic forest-like quality, greenish-purple and ripe fruit. Pink pepper and grapefruit provide a lovely freshness. This vibrancy is enhanced by drying the composition with unconventional mint tinctures of mango, wood sap, and sweet pine resin. For men and women, it will mesmerize everyone around you.

2. Artisan Perfume Rose Pvt.

Rose perfume fans will be delighted to see La Artisan Perfume Rose Privé, Cabris written by Stephanie Bacoche, coached by Bertrand Duchafer of France. Rose Privy Hall uses the picture-perfect spring rose and the expensive rare rose DM that only blooms in May. The fresh, light lemon rind with a hint of basil in the rose privy gives the impression of a minty herb. It is very smooth and the base note is neatly rounded. 

This soaked fresh perfume has a fruity touch that will leave you smelling like lemons all summer long. Magnolia adds a bit of juiciness to the soft rose and the patchouli is light and not heavy on the bottom and perfectly balances the delicate sweetness of the rose on top.

3. Artisan Perfumer Calligna

All scented roads lead to the meadows of France, where the area is Claire Sage and the antique, hidden red (which grows in the backlands) is native to the Marquis of the Mediterranean mountains. The aromas of jasmine and milky fig emanated from the sun. Pine and deodar trees illuminate the hill. 

The idea of ​​using Clary Sage and the special "Jasmine Marmalade" covenant was inspired by Dora Bagdrick-Arnaud's favorite perfume. The word Caligana comes from the French word flirt and is a fresh, fruity, and fragrant L'Artisan Perfumer perfume feminine and easy to wear...

4. Artisan Perfumer Merchant Loop

The Macintosh Loop was launched in 1997 by L'Artisan Parfumeur and created by Bertrand Duchafor. Don't be fooled by its name (Big Bad Wolf) is a long-lasting perfume used during the colder months and evenings.

5. L'Artisan Perfumer Premier Fig Extreme

Considered to be a break-out fragrance, the premiere image was inspired by a memory of relaxing under a shady fig tree on a summer day in the south of France, the perfume Olivia Giacobetti with fig notes. Previously working on Micro. 

Fragrances Initially, L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier and L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figue Extreme are more concentrated versions created after 10 years. The light smell of the fig tree was reproduced by adding green leaf notes, milk nuts, and coconut milk note to the fruity and creamy scent.

6. L'Argir Perfume Al Awadh

Caravan fleet on the Arabian Peninsula. Spicy and smoky, perfumer Bertrand Ducoffer Cassava produces a luxurious aroma that is softened by orange flowers and roses but still roars with fruit and spicy notes of carrots, dates, nuts, and cardamom. 

Al Awad will be a common scent for many weirdo lovers, but if you're new to weird, don't worry, it's never indispensable.

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